Meet Lorne and Christiane

Lorne and Christiane met in 1995 and fell head over heels for one another. They were married in 2015 and together own and operate Base camp Guest House & Cabins.

Lorne is an avid outdoorsman and a full-time back-country snowmobile guide for Great Canadian Snowmobile Tours, Carl Kuster Mountain Park and Revelstoke Base Camp Guest House.

Lorne’s goal is to help his riders get the absolute most out of their back-country excursions; whether it be familiarizing them with the terrain, educating them on snow conditions or helping improve riding their riding skills.  He is known to for his ability to assess a groups’ capabilities in the back county and push them just beyond their comfort level into the ultimate sweet spot of being actively engaged, actively learning, and staying safe.

Christiane has a background in Real Estate Sales and Marketing as well as the Restaurant and Hospitality industry.  She keeps the fires stoked, the cleaning staff focused, and the guests happy.  She is the point of contact for Base Camp Guest House and the number one problem solver.  In her spare moments she can be found soaking in the hot-tub or X-country skiing with her dogs, (Pickle & Olive).

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