* Please note. Dates will not be held without deposit. Rates variable and subject to change without notice.

* Trail Passes and Tenure Fees not included

Full payment due at the time of booking for online reservations

50% Initial Deposit due at time of booking (call-ins)

The Remaining Balance is payable at 40 days prior to arrival. In the case of IEM Transfer, payment must be received by the end of the business day.
If the Remaining Balance payment is not received at 40 days prior to your arrival date we will do our best to contact you. If you cannot be reached you will be considered a “no-show” and the initial deposit (as well as reserved dates) will be forfeited.  We do not offer full or partial refunds of any kind and always suggest trip cancellation insurance through a third party provider prior to booking.

We accept Visa, M/C, E-Transfer.

We are unable to accept any other credit card or cheques of any kind. We cannot accept personal or business cheques. For your security and ours, you must bring with you the same credit card you used for Deposit and Final Payment, along with Government Issued Photo ID.

Payments in arrears will be subject to 10% interest (compounding monthly).

All payments received by BCGH are non-refundable.

All Rates and fees (including cancellation fees) are subject to 5% GST and 8% PST.


BCGH is not a noise restricted property providing one group has reserved the Whole House, and the noise is kept indoors.

*Regular hotel noise restrictions apply to Single Suite Rentals as well as all hot-tubs.


If the reservation is cancelled outside 40 days prior to arrival the 50% Initial Deposit will be forfeited. No exceptions. If the reservation is cancelled inside 40 days of arrival (after full payment has been taken) full payment is non-refundable. Again, No exceptions.

If the reservation is made inside of 40 days of arrival date, the full (non- refundable) amount will be required at time of booking.

Since our BCGH Cancellation Policies must be more restrictive than a hotel, we recommend you contact your local travel agent for cancellation insurance to cover you in the event of an unexpected delay or cancellation in your travel plans.

BCGH will not offer refunds of any kind for travel plans cancelled as a result of COVID.

*Please Note: Once a reservation has been confirmed reducing the number of guests in your party will not result in a corresponding decrease to the remaining balance.

We cannot offer refunds for absentee guests within your party. It is for this reason we suggest collecting payment from each guest at the time of booking instead of at the time of arrival. That way, if only 2 out of 16 arrive on checkin day, the cost of accommodations has been covered. Collecting payment from members within the group is the responsibility of the cardholder, not the responsibility of Base Camp Guest House.

Check-in is anytime after 4pm unless confirmed in advance with the Host. Earlier check-in times will happily be accommodated (where possible) at half a days rate. Please do not arrive Early unless confirmed in advance.

Additional Guests

Base Rate for Whole House Rental includes 10 Guests

Base Rate for Upstairs (Polar Bear Suite) includes 6 Guests

Base Rate for Downstairs (Brown Bear Suite) includes 4 Guests

Base Rate for Black Bear Suite includes 2 Guests

Base Rate for Kodiak Cabin Includes 2 Guests

Base Rate for Grizzly Cabin Includes 2 Guests

Additional guests are welcome at $30-$40 Per Person, Per Night.  Please email for an exact quote.

Day Guests are welcome until 9pm. BCGH reserves the right to request a Day Guest fee for use of Hot-tubs, BBQ, Showers, Sauna etc. Undisclosed guests will be billed to the credit card we have on file at $80 per person, per night. No exceptions.

Guiding Rates

Back Country Guiding is offered through Great Canadian Tours at a rate of $700/Day for the first 6 Riders and $150/Per each additional rider. Trail passes and tenure fees are at the riders expense.


Pets are welcome in designated suites, on a case by case basis at $25 Per Pet. Pets must be confirmed in advance with the host.  Please contact for an exact quote.

Undisclosed pets will be billed to the credit card we have on file at $200 per pet.


Thank you for not smoking in the house. BCGH is a 100% smoke free environment. Smoking is permitted outside only. If there is evidence of smoking inside the house during the stay of ANY guest, a $500 cleaning and repainting fee will be applied to the Credit Card we have on file.

Power Outages

Due to heavy snowfall, power outages can occur with some frequency. Please note: Base Camp Guest House does not offer refunds or discounts to guests as a result of a power outage.


  • Please follow instructions on proper use of hot-tub cover lifting bar.
  • Please return cover to hot-tub when not in use Deck is extremely slippery, Please use caution!
  • Please remove snow from cover before lifting cover.
  • Glassware is not permitted in the Hot-Tub under any circumstances. Broken glass in the bottom of the tub is very difficult to detect and can cause serious injury to other guests and damage to the tub. Please use plastic. If there is glassware found in or around the hot-tub a $250 Drainage Fee will be applied.
  • If the hot-tub is found extremely dirty or has been damaged or a $500 cleaning/ repair fee will be applied.
  • Please leave hot-tub on and jets off when not in use.
  • Please use the coloured hot-tub towels for the hot-tub. Also, these towels (if left wet on beds) will tend to leak dye into the white linens. Please be mindful of this.
  • Please do not use the outside hoses in the winter months. Water left in the hoses will freeze the hose and warp nozzles and washers. A $50 maintenance fee will be applied should this occur during the course of your stay.
  • If the hot-tubs are low on water please send us a text, we will happily refill them for you!
  • If you are having difficulty operating the hot-tub or would like further instruction on the cover lifter bar please let us know and we will be more than happy to help.


There is a very large charcoal BBQ centrally located on the property for the use of all cabins and suites.

The BBQ is to be left in the condition in which it was found…cleaned free of stuck on food. The best way to clean the BBQ is to close the lid for a few minutes after removing your food. Grease and food bits will burn off and the grill can be easily scraped with the wire brush provided.


The Polar Bear and Brown Bear Suites have one furnace and one temperature control (which is pre-set and regulates the whole house). What is a comfortable temperature for one individual might not be for someone else. Our suggestion if you are too cold might be to run a hot bath, have a soak in the hot-tub or put on a sweater. If you are too hot perhaps remove a layer of clothing, close the heat vents (Upstairs- floor, and Downstairs- Ceiling) and open a window.


  • Hot-Tubs will be maintained as needed.
  • Bathrooms will be cleaned every 2nd day.
  • Bedding will be changed every 6th day (or on request)
  • Towels will be exchanged on request.
  • Please do not wash house linens in the Polar Bear Suite washer/ dryer. We will happily exchange them for you on request.
  • There is a green bin on the south side of the carriage house (for household garbage).  Please do not leave household garbage outside the house or cabins for any length of time, it is strong attractant for Revelstoke’s abundant wildlife and will inevitably be picked through and spread around the property.
  • Please put empty cans and bottles in the blue recycling bins provided.  These bin are emptied as needed and the proceeds donated to charity.


Check-out time is PRIOR to 10am. More often than not, we have one group checking out and another group checking in on the same day. A late check-out by the first group will result in a hurried cleaning job and a disappointing postponed check-in by the second group. It is for this reason that Check-out time is no later then 10am. If the premises are occupied past 10am there will be a half days rate applied to the credit card we have on file. If the premises are occupied past 11:00am there will be a full days rate applied to the credit card we have on file.

Late check-outs will be happily be accommodated at no extra cost provided that:

a) it has been discussed with the host in advance
b) there is not a same day check-in pending.

Please remember to consider Road Conditions and Avalanche Control Closures when leaving Revelstoke. Flights from both Calgary and Kelowna have been missed because of this reason. Updates can be found at www.drivebc.ca

Cleaning Upon Check-out

Please treat BCGH as if it were your own home. Trash, empty cans/ bottles, dishes strewn about and burnt food stuck on pots is unacceptable.

*Please remove all food from fridge and leave fridge wiped completely clean.

Additional cleaning charges (reflecting the extra time required by the cleaning staff) will be applied in the the case of an excessively dirty House.

Damages to the Property or it’s Contents

As we do not collect a “damage deposit” from our guests…Costs incurred through damages to the property or its contents will be billed post-checkout to the credit card we have on file.

A full inventory of the house and contents is taken during the cleaning process after EVERY checkout.

Damages will be photographed and emailed to the card holder along with itemized invoice. This includes, Structural Damages, Ruined Linens, Broken Furniture, Hot-tub Cleaning and Repair, BBQ Cleaning and repair, Clogged toilet, Bathtub Drains or Missing Items.

If items are broken during the course of stay please be cool about it and let us know. We will always do our best to repair or replace the item at a minimal cost to the guest and ideally without having to process post-checkout fees.

Thank you for choosing Base Camp! If there is any way we can help make your stay with us more enjoyable, please let us know! We’re trying our best to be included in your annual trip to Revelstoke!

Christiane Duclos